Janitorial Services

MN PROSTAR CLEANING provides top rated janitorial services to the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.  Hire us and we’ll keep your lobby, private offices, restrooms, kitchen, and common areas sparkling clean.

Our janitorial services include – but are not limited to – waste receptacles, furnishings, glass, floors and carpets, lunchroom and coffee stations, and more.

Janitorial Services

* Empty all waste baskets
* Replace liners as needed
* Return waste baskets to original position

* Dust all desks tops open areas and office furniture with micro-fiber cloths
* Wipe and polish all table tops and counter tops
* Damp dust chairs
* Dust telephone equipment
* Light dust computer monitors

* Squeegee clean all entrance glass doors

* Dry dust-mop all resilient and composition floors
* Wet-mop all resilient and composition floors
* Vacuum all carpeted floors and runners

* Spot clean walls near light switches and around door frames
* Clean/Wipe all interior doors as needed
* Clean and polish drinking fountains

* Clean microwave oven inside and out
* Wipe down exterior surface of refrigerator and vending machines
* Clean all tables and countertop areas
* Dust mop and damp mop all floors
* Empty trash, wipe down receptacles and replace liners
* Spot clean walls, doors and cabinets
* Restock hand towels and soap
* Restock coffee supplies (Optional)

* Sweep, mop, rinse and dry floors
* Polish mirrors and clean enameled surfaces
* Wash basins, urinals and bowls
* Wash both sides of all toilet seats
* Polish flushometers, piping, toilet seat hinges, and other metal work
* Restock toilet tissue, hand towels, sanitary supplies and hand soap
* Empty and clean wastepaper cans and receptacles
* Damp wipe and wash walls near urinals and stalls
* Spot clean all dispensers
* Spot clean partition doors and dust tops of partitions

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