Grout & Tile Cleaning

MN PROSTAR CLEANING provides a Tile and Grout Cleaning Service that gets rid of the grime you may not even notice anymore.

High traffic areas – kitchens, entrances, bathrooms, service doors etc.. get the worst of it, and it can be challenging to clean.

MN PROSTAR CLEANING uses a powerful high pressure system that cleans deep into your tile and grout. Our team uses a simple proven 3 step process that gets your tile looking like new in no time.

Step 1: Application of cleaning solution with 15-20 minute soak
Step 2: High pressure spinner at 1200 psi steam cleans the dirt and grime out from your tile and grout.
Step 3: Dry completely and enjoy sparkling clean tile and grout!

Estimates are always free and we provide services to anywhere in the entire Twin Cities Metro!

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and we’ll get things cleaned up for you!